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Reasons for Your Teen to Work (Part III)

Teen jobs help teens establish independence.

Working during school years encourages balance

Although it’s true that holding down a job can disturb school work, this strain is also a crucial lesson. Teens who work while still going to school learn about the hardships of an adult life full of responsibilities and have a chance to explore how they will balance all of the commitments as an adult.

Part-time job searching is a good exercise for future job searches

When an adult has trouble finding a job, it’s a huge deal, but teens who work to find employment don’t have so much at stake. Doing a job search as a teen is a good time to teach kids skills like filling out an application, putting together a resume, learning how to dress professionally, and learning how to give a good interview.

Learning these skills at a young age can help teens to be ready when it’s time to do a career-launching job search. This also includes learning not to procrastinate when either looking for a job or returning a phone call for an internship or job interview.

Part-time jobs may spark lifelong careers

One would hope that a teen’s part-time job as a dishwasher doesn’t turn out to be a career move. But work little odd jobs as a teen can prove to be a career booster. Teens who work in a restaurant in high school may be encouraged to start their own restaurant or bakery after college or become a chef. Others might be turned on to a field they might not have considered before. For example, a summer job at the local airport might spark an interest in aviation.

Teen jobs develop confidence

As teens work at a part-time job, they learn just how able they are, developing self-reliance and confidence. This can aid teens in being more independent and creating a sense of responsibility as a young adult.


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